You must contact the State of Florida – Department of Agriculture to determine your eligibility status. They can be reached via their website at and go to the Concealed Weapons License tab.

No. We accept all forms of Credit/Debit cards and Paypal as forms of online payment.


Please read our Reservations & Refunds policy.


In certain situations; if you have discussed it with us in advance; we will take cash on site.
We will teach children as young as 12 with a parent or legal guardian on scene.


We will NOT discuss “self-defense” issues with anyone under the age or 18; that is a job for the parent or legal guardian.


We WILL ensure they understand and can demonstrate the safe and responsible handling of a firearm.
No! We issue to tourists and “snowbirds” as well as full time residents. There is no distinction made in the class or type of license.


Many persons who may not even simply possess a firearm in their “home” state; enjoy the rights of every other Florida Citizen when they visit and can legally possess, conceal and carry on their person while here in the wonderful Sunshine State!